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From: Gina Stucci  [New Jersey] - Received: December 15, 2010

Dear Doreen,

I can't thank you enough for the couples reading my husband and I had with you the other day. You were AMAZING with the information you gave me about my brother, who is on the other side. The psychic predictions were on the money so far... You have such a peaceful energy and a wonderful gift!

Thank you again!


From: Marvina Benzekri  [France] - Received: April 4, 2009

Dear Doreen,

I just wanted to write to you and thank you for the Mediumship reading you gave us last month when I came with my husband, Robert.  Why I wanted to thank you today is because today is the 2nd anniversary of my mom's passing.  A year ago, on the 1st anniversary, I could not help but feel sorrow and pain.  But ever since I've had the two readings with you, the one last November, and the one this past March, I was surprised to notice that the pain and the sorrow are no longer there.  Although my siblings are still feeling it, for me, those feelings were replaced by peace and happiness... happiness knowing that my parents are not dead, that they are always near us and interacting with us - even more so now than when they had their human bodies, as they are no longer bound by the physical. 

On our last reading with you, there was something you said that validated even more that my mom was there.  A few nights before I came to see you, my mom came to me in a dream again.  She came to tell me that she is watching over my granddaughters. I might have already mentioned this, but when my mom was physically alive, she was a fanatical Jehovah's Witness, and was one until the end.  When she came in my dream, I asked her, "Mom, it's not true what Jehovah's Witnesses teach, is it?", and she said, "That's right. I know now, and you know now."  When you were doing the reading for me, you said, "Your mother wants me to tell you, "You know now."  The exact words she said in my dream.  Of course, there were many, many other things you said which were validations, too, but that one really stood out for me.  Again, that wasn't "just a dream" I had, but my mom really did come to see me. 

I am now really trying to get into meditation, and have started by doing 8 minutes a day to get the hang of it.  I hope as I start to progess, I will be able to get to the point were I'll be able to "see" my parents again.
Thank you again for helping me replace sorrow with joy!
Much love, 


From: Laura Kushner [New Jersey] - Received: March 31, 2009

Hi Doreen,

I just got through reading your book, Proof Positive last week - we met at the end of February if you recall, and I just NOW got through with your book!  As you can see, I need more time to sit down and read!  But every time I did have the opportunity to read your book, I felt as though I didn't want to put it down - it was with great anticipation that I would turn the page to find something so interesting that you wrote - I couldn't wait to learn something new.  I loved your writing style... the book has a nice easy flow to it... felt like you were speaking to me in my family room. That in itself, I think, is a special gift you've been given, not all writers all able to do that.  I'm so glad you didn't wait later in life to start writing like you said you thought you would!

If I had to sum up your book, I would by saying that I think it should be required reading for everyone.  I love the fact that you "gently" slammed organized religion really without insult.  I find that I have to explain myself to certain friends, why I don't attend synagogue services.  I came to the conclusion a very long time ago, that people believe in a cruel God - that's what I find organized religion to be doing, they teach that God rules by fear.  If they would only stop and think! 

And your book by far, teaches so much about the spirit world.  I'm very curious about it and want to learn more - your book has been an excellent source in which to learn by.  In fact, I can probably assure you, that I will do something with your book I don't normally do, and that is to read it over again.  I'm sure I'll glean even more from the second reading.
I have since restarted reading Ghosts Among Us by James Van Praagh - I put it down to read your book.  What a difference between the two!  It seems like he describes the spirit world as almost a place to fear.  He scares me when he says there's good ghosts (spirits) and bad ones, and how we end up in the afterlife with the same thought patterns that we had here on earth - that if you were negative in the physical world, you're going to be negative in the spirit world, too.  I thought once you entered into the spirit world, that all binds and shackles we had here in the physical world, were released.  He also describes how ghosts like to hang around earthlings with low/negative energy.  Frightening.  Can't wait to finish his book and start Seth Speaks by Jane Roberts - I know it's a book you mentioned in your book.

Thank you Doreen for a wonderful read and for sharing your light with me.  Be well.

In gratitude,


From: Yoshie Want [Oahu, Hawaii] - Received: November 29, 2008

Dear Doreen,

I just want to say thank you for writing your amazing book, Proof Positive. It came to me at the right time and contained exactly the right information for me to digest. My guides are really working with me! They've been showing me how to go about developing this amazing Mediumship skill. I now know that I was not making things up since many things that my guides had been telling me were in your book! Your book showed me a Positive Proof of my strong connection with the Source energy, my guides, angels, and my inner being.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Love, Yoshie


From: M.F. Taylor, Ph.D. [Paris, France] - Received: May 19, 2008

What I appreciate most in a mediumistic reading is evidential information…  and Ms. Molloy's reading was a feast of evidential info, delivered with stunning accuracy. Here is one example in a long list of things she told me…

After Ms. Molloy established contact with my late husband, she asked me if there was a small yard near my building. I answered “Yes”, there was indeed a small yard at the back of my building, just below the windows of my apartment. “Okay”, she said, “because your husband tells me that you planted plants in this yard recently”. This was spot on… Roughly three weeks before the reading, I ordered several small flowering bushes and had them planted by the caretaker of the building in the flowerbed in front of my windows. She added that my husband knows that "I look at those bushes several times a day, and that my apartment was filled with plants” -- because looking at plants and trees gives me joy and peace, and helps me to heal. This was absolutely correct; I check these bushes several times a day, and since my husband passed on, my friends joke that I have turned the apartment ‘into a greenhouse’!

I was flabbergasted, but most of all, I had the feeling that my husband was aware of everything I have done since he passed on; this is the kind of very specific detail that gives maximum credibility to the hypothesis of consciousness survival. In any case, I felt lighter, elated, and like a burden had been taken off my shoulders. Ms. Molloy's kindness and caring are of course an added bonus to her remarkable mediumistic skills, and it made this reading a unique, enlightening and healing experience.

M.F. Taylor


From: John Perna  [Staten Island, New York] - Received: April 29, 2007

I have read books by John Edwards and Sylvia Browne... but none were as good as PROOF POSITIVE by Doreen Molloy... It's a complete gem of a book; I can not wait to read her next book!


From: K. G.  [Tucson, AZ] - Received: March 5, 2007

I had never thought much about mediums or psychics until my brother died suddenly in 2006. His death led me to the research and writings of Drs. Gary Schwartz and Julie Beischel at the University of Arizona, Tucson. When I read that Doreen had been tested by these doctors, I decided to contact her.

So I could be certain she wasn't reading my mind, I was exceedingly careful to not give Doreen any information to work with before or during my reading. I didn't tell her where I was calling from or whom I wanted to contact – yet she carefully, professionally, and compassionately brought through all of my lost family members, many with names, some with causes of death, others with important dates that could relate only to them.

I will be forever grateful to her for sharing her gift; she gave me more comfort in that one hour – without requesting any information from me in return – than I have received from any other source.

In Gratitude,


From: Jolene Hinrichs  [Sigourney, Iowa] - Received: February 16, 2007

Dear Doreen:

I wanted to write and thank you from the bottom of my heart for the wonderful reading you gave to me this past week. The person I most wanted to connect to was my dad and he came through for almost the entire hour. I too, meditated and prayed before the call and I told him, "Dad, if others want to say hi, that is okay, but this is about you dad; this is your day!"

The passing of dad has been very hard on all of us... Our family is very close and the bond we all share with each other and with our parents is unique. We were all with dad when he passed and we all got to say those things that we wanted him to leave this world knowing. That he was loved and we so appreciated all the sacrafices he made when we were growing up and for being such a good dad. And he did have a St. Christopher necklace - and his grandpa's watch is at my mom's home!

Doreen, I sincerely feel that God gives each of us special gifts and talents to share with others. I feel that your gift is giving comfort to those who are lost and grieving. I felt such an immediate connection with you on the phone. Your personality is so warm and in many ways, I imagine we are much alike. I just wish you were my neighbor as I think we could have a blast having coffee and just talking about life. Thank you again... I will consider you one of my treasured new friends. Have a wonderful spring... Will talk to you one day down the road.

Hugs from Iowa,


From: Marge Ebinger  [St. Louis, MO] - Received: February 4, 2007

Hello Doreen,

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you of the wonderful effects your reading (in June, 2006) had on me personally. You helped me more than you know, not only with who came through for me but from what you taught me, and especially your encouragement. The book of symbols is a big help. You have a great loving gift. I'm still trying to develop mine through my Reiki healing sessions and meditation. Thank you for what you did for me... Thank you for what you do for everyone you come in contact with.

I hope to be able to talk to you in the near future. In the meantime I will continue to go over the tape of our conversation.

Thank you again, Doreen...
Love & Hugs,  Marge Ebinger


From: Kristin Koubsky  [Omaha, NE] - Received: January 8, 2007

Dear Doreen,

My husband gave me your book, for Christmas and I could hardly put it down.  Thank you for putting into words many of the things I have often believed to be true.  I have experienced so many things that you have referred to in Proof Positive and have longed to simply have validation of what I feel is obvious.  There doesn't seem to be a community of like-minded people in my community, and I yearn for more information and connections to people from whom I can learn more.  Thank you for the suggested reading materials you listed in the book. I will check them out.

Kristin Koubsky


From: Colleen Long-Booth  [France] - Received: July 22, 2006

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for sharing your vast knowledge, with your book, Proof Positive. I ordered the on-line download... and I loved it so much, I ordered the book in hard copy, too. I just love your writing style and you have helped to clarify so many things... I sincerely hope you write more books; I have read all of John Edward's books, Mary Jo McCabe and Brian Weiss... but your book has really struck a chord with me. I will be re-reading it on vacation back in Montreal and PEI (Canada). Wishing you a most wonderful, relaxing end of July and August... I can't wait until my phone appointment in September!

Warm Regards,


From: Dr. Sam Menahem, Ph.D.  [Fort Lee, NJ - USA] - Received: March 8, 2006

Dear Doreen,

Thank you for your inspiring book, Proof Positive! A patient of mine lent it to me, I  was going to give it back and say I have too much to read, but for some reason I said, "Leave it here for a week." As I began to read, I thought it was written by my sister. You see, I am a spiritual psychologist (in Fort Lee) and a big fan of the Seth material since the 1970s. I know everything happens for a reason. So I am sure your book and philosophy - which are remarkably similar to mine must have a place in my life. My primary focus up to this point has been psychotherapy - but more and more I do healing, and I even channel for a few select patients. I definitely hear an inner voice, guiding me - sort of like the holy spirit (higher self) or maybe a spirit guide. More and more I am heeding the guidance. Now, I just have to heal myself. God Bless you for your wonderful work...

God Bless You,
Dr. Sam Menahem
Author of:  When Therapy Isn't Enough: The Healing Power of Prayer and Psychotherapy
And: All Your Prayers Are Answered


From: Laura Bartolini Mendelsohn  [Deerfield Beach, FL - USA] -    Received: August 10, 2005

I have been reading your book, "Proof Positive" and enjoying it like candy to a baby! I am almost through with it and will have to find some other book of equal fascination to take me through this hot August... That will be difficult! I love your poetry in it: mellifluous, contemplative, intelligent... I write poetry too, so I really appreciate it. (I wanted to compliment you as well, on the gorgeous voice you have... absolutely inspirational.) Well, I hope you are having a wonderful summer. Thank you so much for all the help you have given me... and also for the wonderful book you have written! It truly does begin to demystify and validate the metaphysic universe.


From: Lois Walsh  [Missoula, MT- USA] - Received: March 20, 2005

I read your book, Proof Positive and I must admit it was both eye-opening - and comforting as well.  Some of the concepts were radically new to me, while others turned out to be affirmations of ideas and thoughts I had for a long time before but couldn't correlate to something with meaning.  I'm in the process of the second read-through now, and hopefully I'll absorb more and be able to start to put some things into practice.  But the overall feeling I get from reading it is "extreme peacefulness". I read it before bed at night, and it really is comforting... 


From: Kim Haniszewski  [Hanover Park, IL- USA] - Received: January 24, 2005

I wanted to send you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed and appreciated your book, Proof Positive!  I felt that I learned so much about “who you are”.   I am passing your book around as other family members and friends are excited to read it... and that includes my Mother-in-law - and she is very Catholic.  Her eyes lit up when she read the back...  I'm so happy to be able to share this with her. Through reading this book, it has brought me closer to my feelings about losing my brother - and knowing that he is still around... The excerpt about your niece made me cry; it was very sweet and I could feel those emotions that you described.  Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and for being a great friend.  (I am going to re-read your book... Seems I get more out of something the more I read it!)


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