~   Mars Anomaly Research
Joseph P. Skipper has done an amazing job researching the evidence for civilization on Mars. His method is a simple one... he takes the [very heavily tampered with] photos released by NASA, enlarges and clarifies them a little and then points out the anomalies. You would be amazed at what you ARE able to make out.... and naturally, it begs the question: What is actually up there? For instance... If you scan down the main page, you'll find a link to "Groups of Tall Geometric Structures"... Not only does Skipper explain these photos, but in the body of that article, you'll find a link to a previous article called, "Towers in the Sun". In that link, you'll find a comparison photo of a city on Earth - taken from a satellite nearly twice as far away [as the Mars shots were taken]. It's very easy to see that with the technology we now have, there's NO WAY the Mars photos could be so grainy, fuzzy, streaky, blurry - and everything else they do to mislead us. Don't miss this site... (You'll also find some equally interesting info about the Moon as well.)  

~   Mars Exploration Rover Mission
The latest web site from NASA / Jet Propulsion Laboratory... with photos from the Rovers:
Spirit and Opportunity [January 2004 landing]. Too bad they are all very heavily tampered with - anyone with a simple graphics program is able to see that the photos are retouched. Check it out for yourself... Select a photo that you would like to see more clearly - right click it with your mouse and "copy" it. Then paste it into any graphics program [whatever opens photos on your screen]. Once there, adjust the color... and enlarge it. You'll be able to see distinct differences between tampered-with areas and untouched areas. When is our government going to come clean about all this stuff?  Enough already!

~   Mars Anomalies / Technical Remote Viewing
This site is about training sessions that contain raw, unfiltered session data that was obtained via Technical Remote Viewing by PSI TECH Video Training Course trainees of varying skill and experience levels. Remote viewers are only given a set of coordinate numbers to target and using very strict protocols, they describe psychically what they are "seeing/hearing/feeling". However, in this particular case, the targets were all located on Mars... with some very interesting results. You can also visit the parent site at:

~   Mars Today
Lot's of updates and stories on the status of the Mars Rovers, Spirit and Opportunity... You'll find a lot of information at this site... They call it 'The Whole Mars Catalog'.

~   Mars Structures
A vast array of images which (mostly black and white) which contain even more anomalies.

~   Enterprise Mission
This is
Richard Hoagland's site (of the "Face on Mars" fame) and it's back on-line with a great new look. For all those into UFO's, Mars, Nasa and conspiracy theories, this site is for you! Don't forget to check out the "Archives" at the bottom of the main page, which contains a wealth of information and photo's from previous years.

~   Mars Global Surveyor
Any "Mars enthusiast" should visit Nasa's site at Malin Space Center. Look through the thousands of pictures released - there's some "interesting stuff" up there. Don't be too surprised if you spot something that looks unusual.

Here's the "Fortune Cookie Photo"... This photo depicts an area nearly 2 miles across. They are supposedly dusty dunes, but they look very artificial to me.

~   Artificial Structures on Mars
An extensive site which catalogs many areas on the planet [besides the famous "face"] that are very questionable in terms of artificiality.

~   Martian Curiosities
There's a lot more to Mars than meets the eye... including water, brine and multi-branched bodies, distributed in fractal-style patterns. Interesting site... Check it out.

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