~   Unexplained Mysteries
Your source for the latest paranormal , conspiracy and science related news, discussion and multimedia. Nicely done...

~   Unknown Country
The site by author, Whitley Strieber is well put together, always contains very interesting articles and is updated frequently. There's a lot here to navigate… everything from the science-based news stories, to the metaphysical bookshop, the Dreamland radio broadcast, journal entries and more…

~   Great Firewall of
You can test any web site when you visit - and see if it's censored in China... My web site is censored!

~   Disclosure Project
For all you hardcore UFO/Conspiracy theorists, visit the site of
Steven M. Greer, MD - who actually gave up his practice as a medical doctor to do this - because the subject was just too important to dismiss. He's got "inside information" from the government people who were there. Now if he could just get Congress to listen… In a December 2003 press release, they announced that they will pursue "disclosure on the existence of new and alternate energy systems that have been deliberately and illegally suppressed" by the United States government. They allege that this technology comes from back-engineering extraterrestrial craft and has been deliberately withheld from the public to prop up the oil, gas, coal, public utility and nuclear power industries. Fascinating stuff...  

~   The Supernatural World
This site [out of the United Kingdom] offers a huge range of paranormal and unexplained phenomena. It will take you days to work your way through all of the interesting articles...

~   Earthcode International Network
This is the site of Paula Peterson... She created this website as a forum of illumination for the seeker in all of us and as a way of reaching out to those around the world who sense that a major shift in human consciousness is on the rise. "Very Enlightening" and lots of "feel good" articles...

An ezine format chock full of information brought to you by Editor-In-Chief, Jeff Rense... You'll find up to the minute news, tons of archived stories... as well as archives of the nationwide talk radio show, The Jeff Rense Program. This site is enormous; they claim to be the worlds most revealing news service - and they definitely deliver... (once you get past all the advertisements at the top of the page).

~   Inner Realm
Inner Realm Magazine, a holistic health magazine, is dedicated to the comprehensive approach to Body, Mind and Spirit. They are personally committed to achieving maximum well-being by addressing all aspects of self as a Whole... Articles, Health Tips, Louise Hay, Horoscopes... and more... [Note: Site opens with music]

~   The Daily Grail  
Extremely diversified, with interviews... articles... research... you name it, they've got it.  A very user-friendly and well put together site.

~   The Conspiracy Cafe  
Interesting stories from all around the world are posted here... taken from various news groups. There's something for everyone... mostly science-based and/or contriversial articles that are currently in the headlines.

~   Earthfiles  
Another all-around good site is Linda Moulton Howe's EARTHFILES. There are some very interesting articles regarding unusual phenomena from all around the world. Read about crop circles, sunken cities, cattle mutilations, global warming and a variety of other topics.

~   Coast to Coast  
There's lots of info available at Coast to Coast, with George Noory (This is Art Bell's old site)... You'll find an array of articles on every strange thing under the sun.

~   View Zone 
"Mystery lovers" will definitely want to check this site out... There's so much information here, you'll be busy for hours.

~   Paraview
This is a multi-media company whose thought-provoking books, books on demand, eBooks, visual media, and Internet content reach a rapidly growing audience known as “cultural creatives,” people who are looking for a deeper, more profound meaning in life and who desire to make a difference.

~   Paranormal News
A very extensive ezine on paranormal topics... This site has everything from "metaphysical soup to nuts"...  

~   The Black Vault
Great site dealing with government conspiracies... especially interesting is the Freedom of Information Act Archive.

~   Wisdom Magazine  
The Largest, Most Popular Free Monthly Holistic Publication in the Northeastern United States! Wisdom is dedicated to opening people's hearts and minds to the philosophies, products and services of the new millennium.

~   Let's Talk Paranormal   
That's exactly what this unique TV talk show is all about. Conversation and exploration of other realities that reside on and off our planet! Week after week, presenting mind-stretching information and truly unforgettable guests

~   Inner Self
At InnerSelf you will find much more than fluff, but articles and solid information both with the beginner and the advanced in mind. The theme of InnerSelf  is Rediscovering Wisdom, Peace, Joy & Harmony. The dictionary defines harmony as agreement in feeling, actions, ideas, etc.; peaceable or friendly relations. Here we will further define harmony as a bridge joining conventional and alternatives of feeling, actions, and ideas...

~   Conversation For Exploration
A very extensive web site, hosted by radio personality, Laura Lee... There are some very interesting links here, some well written articles... as well as audio links to the archive of over 500 hours of radio interviews.

~   Conspiracy Journal 
Home of the latest news and info on conspiracies, the New World Order, the Illuminati, UFOs, the paranormal, Nikola Tesla, Free Energy -- And MORE!


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