~   Truth Contest
Will ‘Truth’ unite our world? This is a contest to find and spread the truth about life and death, the ultimate truth. People who enter may represent philosophy, science, religion, or themselves.  Any seers or prophets out there?

~   Daily Zen
One of the most artistic and peaceful sites I've come across in a long time... They offer a beautiful array of e-cards to select from as well as screen savers and lots of "Zen Wisdom".

~   Azure Green
If you're looking for a terrific catalog - either on-line or in the mail - for all your pagan and/or new age supplies, you need to visit Azure Green. I enjoy browsing through the hard-copy catalog, which you can also order on line.

~   Circle Sanctuary
From the magazine of the same name... This is the site of
Selena Fox. It is a complete guide to all things Spiritual, Pagan and Wiccan. I especially like the section Lady Liberty League... Advocating religious freedom, they report on many of the legal issues that pagans struggle with. Lots of great articles at this site... definitely worth the visit...

~   The Association For Global New Thought
Out of a deep conviction and pure passion to give our movement a clear voice and commanding presence on the global stage, the Association for Global New Thought - AGNT - has been born. We invite you to learn more about this movement and its global initiatives for peace, justice and healing, and in the process discover your own spiritual calling. Planetary healing through self-realization and spiritually-motivated activism is the new promise of these teachings.

~   Native Web
Sometimes referred to as New-Paganism... here are some interesting resources for indigenous cultures around the world.

~   Celtic Druidism
Learn about the history, beliefs, practices and myths of a very ancient and misunderstood people. The home page opens with this quote: "Druidry is not a religion. It's a philosophy and you can worship a God or a Goddess, it's up to you. You can be a Christian or a Moslem or anything else and still be a Druid"... "But while a Christian will say that God made the tree, a Druid will say the energy of a creative force is in that tree." [from Kieron, a North-East UK Druid]...

~   The Runic Journey
Runes are an alphabetic script used by the peoples of Northern Europe from the first century c.e. until well into the Middle Ages. In addition to their use as a written alphabet, the runes also served as a system of symbols used for magic and divination. Runes fell into disuse as the Roman alphabets became the preferred script of most of Europe, but their forms and meanings were preserved in inscriptions and manuscripts.

~   EarthSpirit Web
EarthSpirit is a non-profit organization providing services to a nationwide network of Pagans and others following an Earth-centered spiritual path. Based in the Boston area, their membership extends across the United States [and also to several other countries].


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