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~ Mass Deception ~


~   The Bible Fraud
These books will knock your socks off... Tony Bushby, an Austrailian author has written five explosive books, the first of which was The Bible Fraud... revealing to the world for the first time original new information about the emergence of the New Testament and its story of Jesus Christ. This book provides historical evidence that not only shows that vital ancient manuscripts have been hidden from the public domain... but also that other sensitive and associated Biblical material has been purposely withheld or suppressed from the general populace for the last 1700 years.

The second book, The Secret In The Bible is equally amazing, providing the reader with detailed information on origins that lie deep within Egyptian antiquity. These books are extremely well researched... and provide the reader with many surprises. In the third book, Crucifixion of Truth, you will find new evidence from church archives revealing Christianity's darkest secret... and the conclusion is staggering! The fourth book is called "The Twin Deception"; it provides further corroborating information that came to light after The Bible Fraud was published. And the fifth book is The Papal Billions, detailing centuries of wealth accumulation... while the Church committed 'crimes against humanity'.  

NOTE: If the information disclosed is accurate, you'll be absolutely ASTOUNDED to find out ~ through Bushby's tracing  of geneology ~ exactly "who" Jesus, his parents and the other cast of (gospel) characters actually were!  D.M. 

~   Nexus / Criminal History of the Papacy
From Nexus Magazine... This article is written by Tony Bushby. The papal office has an unparalleled record of corruption and criminality over the centuries, and the true history of the popes is one of scandals, cruelty, debauchery, reigns of terror, warfare and moral depravity... Don't miss this article...

~   Taoism
Taoism [Daoism] started as a combination of psychology and philosophy...
The Tao [pronounced "Dow"] can be roughly translated into English as the path, or "The Way". It refers to a power which envelops, surrounds and flows through all things, living and non-living. The Tao regulates natural processes and nourishes balance in the Universe. It embodies the harmony of opposites (i.e. there would be no love without hate, no light without dark, no male without female...)  

~   Married Roman Catholic Priests
"Yes... you read that correctly". I find it amazing that most Catholics don't know anything about this... However, it seems that one out of every three Roman Catholic priests in the United States has transitioned from celibacy to the married priesthood. There are over 20,000 in the United States alone - and over 110,000 married priests world-wide. [NOTE: These are not "ex-priests"... they are active priests and still provide the Catholic sacraments.] This site has been recently re-designed... but check it out for a more detailed understanding of this little known fact...

The information at this site was written by Fr. Tom Doyle, a former priest who has worked tirelessly on behalf of victims of clergy abuse. And the fact that the Catholic church has kicked him to the curb has not deterred him in the least. You will appreciate his heart-felt words...

~   The Gnosis Archive
This site contains the basic introductory material explaining Gnosticism... They also have a nice selection of resources regarding suppressed documents such as The Gospel of Mary of Magdala, The Nag Hammadi Library, The Gospel of Thomas, and The Dead Sea Scrolls

~   All Things Spiritual
This is a comprehensive listing of links to web sites of specific religious paths.

~   Through the Looking Glass  
This article (originally printed in American Athiest Magazine) is well written and really provide the reader with a wealth of information about what REALLY goes on behind some of the scenes. The page you will open at this link is entitled: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS - Vatican Politics, the Calvi Murder and Beyond... Extremely informative - Have an open mind when you arrive here... This site is a real eye-opener.


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