~   e! Science News
A very diverse site... You'll find every scientific catagory under the sun here. There's lots to navigate through...

~   Occultopedia
Occultopedia is an "A to Z" encyclopedia of metaphysical, curious and supernatural people, things, practices and events; an online treasury of unusual and occult knowledge and information. As such, you can access it alphabetically...

~   Molecular Expressions
View the Milky Way at 10 million light years from the Earth... Then move through space towards the Earth in successive orders of magnitude until you reach a tall oak tree just outside the buildings of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory in Tallahassee, Florida. After that, begin to move from the actual size of a leaf into a microscopic world that reveals leaf cell walls, the cell nucleus, chromatin, DNA and finally, into the subatomic universe of electrons and protons. Very cool... and if you scroll down a bit, you can slow down the presentation to really appreciate what you're viewing...

~   The Greater Reality
If you're interested in taking a remote viewing test, check this site out... Remote viewing is an ability common among people. You can receive impressions about something hundreds or thousands of miles away simply by closing your eyes and relaxing. It demonstrates the fact that underlying the apparently vast distances we perceive in the Universe, there is the Greater Reality in which there is no space. All we have to do is close our eyes to have the Universe collapse into our consciousness.

~   Society for Scientific Exploration
Our Society was founded in 1982 by a committee of fourteen scientists and scholars who had identified the need for a new type of scientific organization, one that would foster the study of all questions that are amenable to scientific investigation without restriction. Despite the enormous advances in science in the last century, there are important areas that remain almost unexplored. Some are of great public interest and touch deep philosophical questions.

~   News Wise
Newswise provides an effective targeted service for journalists, media outlets, the web, and interested knowledge workers seeking high value, quality news from innovative organizations world-wide.

~   DOE Genomes
From the US Department of Energy / Office of Science... The Human Genome Project is a 13-year effort coordinated by the U.S. Department of Energy and the National Institutes of Health. This fascinating - and very extensive - site - has a goal of identifying the 30,000 genes in human DNA... not to mention addressing some of the ethical, legal and social challenges presented by genetic information. If you're into science, there's enough here to keep you busy for days...

~   The
Here you'll find a comprehensive directory of science related websites...with everything from agriculture and earth sciences to museums and technology... and a lot more catagories.

~   Institute of Noetic Sciences
The founder of this institute is
Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut... and the sixth man to walk on the moon. This is a nonprofit membership organization located in Petaluma, California that conducts and sponsors leading-edge research into the potentials and powers of consciousness—including perceptions, beliefs, attention, intention, and intuition.

~   Dr. Michio Kaku
Dr. Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, best-selling author, and popularizer of science. He’s the co-founder of string field theory (a branch of string theory), and continues Einstein’s search to unite the four fundamental forces of nature into one unified theory.

~   New Scientist  
From the magazine of the same name... You will find everything from soup to nuts at this site. It's very well put together and very informative.

Scientific aspects on just about everything... This is a very well done site - with a lot to navigate through. It also includes the latest breaking news stories with in the scientific world.

~   Live Science
Everything you could imagine in the world of science is covered here... Very interesting site...

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