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  Psychic Reader  &  Spiritual Medium
  Licensed Grief Recovery Specialist .
  Proficient in the art of the Tarot ~.
  Lab Certified Research Medium
  Metaphysical Teacher
  Business Consultant ~~.
 Radio Show Host
  Columnist ~~.
  Lecturer ~~.

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Doreen Molloy was also a featured writer as an
-- InfiniteQuest Contributor --

Psychic medium, John Edward created InfiniteQuest, an Internet portal for all things metaphysical. In summoning the world’s foremost metaphysical authorities, scholars and educators, John created this web site that expanded upon his life’s work to connect the mind and soul through education. InfiniteQuest was the only web network to offer a unique wisdom culled from years of combined experience and knowledge in all areas of metaphysics, from the Afterlife and Astrology… to Numerology and Meditation. Although the Infinite Quest site is no longer up on the web, you can visit John at:

Doreen Molloy is the author of Proof Positive – Metaphysical Wisdom, and has a private practice in Union City, New Jersey as a psychic medium. Doreen also teaches workshops on Psychic Development, Mediumship Development, Introduction to Tarot and Beginner Astrology.

Some of her abilities include remote viewing, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience and psychometry.

Doreen was lab certified through the University of Arizona's VERITAS Research Program, under the direction of Dr. Gary E. Schwartz, author of The Afterlife Experiments. Doreen participated in mediumship communication and survival of consciousness studies from 2003 to 2008.

Since 2008, Doreen Molloy has been participating in mediumship research at the Windbridge Institute in Tucson, Arizona. She is a Level 5 Windbridge Certified Research Medium [WCRM] and serves on the Medium’s Advisory Board.

Doreen also serves on the Medium’s Advisory Board for the Forever Family Foundation in Oceanside, NY and participates in their events. The goal of Forever Family Foundation is to further the understanding of Afterlife Science through research & education while providing support and healing for people in grief.

She is also the host for 'Mediums & Messages' on Signs of Life Radio... on the third Thursday of every month. 8:00PM ET / 5:00PM PT

In addition her psychic insight, Doreen is also licensed by the Grief Recovery Intitute of California and is listed as a certified Grief Recovery ® Specialist


The Grief Recovery Method ® is primarily an educational [or re-educational] experience based on the fact that most of us were never taught effective tools for dealing with grief. Through these workshops, participants are able to recover and move on with their lives in a positive and productive way.

~ Proof Positive will make you think outside of the box! ~

Here's an excerpt from the Introduction...

          As I take you through the following chapters, I will offer you an understanding of life and death, as well as the spiritual aspects of both in a simple and easy to read manner.  It's about becoming spiritually conscious and it's a lot easier than you think. I also realize that an important part of what society believes as a whole has a lot to do with what religions teach.  Nevertheless, I think that you can have the best of both worlds; meaning, an awareness of a living spirit dimension - without having any religious conflict.  This is a very important aspect of the book since many people don't realize that religion and spirituality are different, and in many cases, the philosophy of each has very little to do with each other.  Hopefully, I can entice you to discover the energetic relationship you have with the spirit world - including the one to your higher self - whether you have strong religious beliefs, mediocre ones or none at all.           

          Secondly, this is a simple book... in that it speaks to the heart.  I only ask that you try to "feel" what I convey through my words, as you process the information I pass on to you.  The sense of feel [clairsentience] is how a medium reaches out and touches the spirit of those in the afterlife.  In the same manner, my words are meant to touch your spirit, as I share with you the revelations of my own quest for understanding which began many years ago.  Just like most of you, I also needed to understand my place in the universe, and exactly what my role was in the greater scheme of things.   

           "I believe I now have an understanding of that knowledge."



Doreen is also currently writing three new books...

My next published book (the second one) will be a cookbook called, 'Recipes From the Other Side' © and I'm so excited to be doing this!

Coming from a long line of Italian cooks, I guess you could say that I've picked up a few things along the way... and I can't wait to share these delicious recipes with you!

Watch for updates on availability...

From my kitchen to yours... Bon Appetite!


My third book, Mass Deception © will take an inside look into the origins of religion, specifically Christianity - and how this affects our lives today. This is a two part book...

In PART ONE, you'll read about the "Disclosure" of little known information that has recently come to light due to the investigations of several different researchers. This information will have a great impact on traditional religious teachings...
PART TWO is about "Hope for the Future" - and how we can access true spirituality, without the mainstream religious teachings that dictate our current beliefs. This book will be as controversial as they come...

Click Here to read a preview of Mass Deception ©

Coming Soon...


And the next book, Wisdom of the Ancients © will take a metaphysical look at our distant past... Little known archeological artifacts will be closely examined, since there is significant evidence to suggest that a high level of technology existed on the Earth during the deepest antiquity of human life - and has been lost over time. Part of rediscovering this knowledge will most likely shed some light on ancient spirituality - which may be far older than we could have ever imagined... And these ancient artifacts - scattered all around the globe - are directly connected to those spiritual origins...

 Coming Soon...


At Home in New Jersey...
Doreen Molloy is a Double Pisces / Cancer Rising


In Chinese Astrology, Doreen was born in the Year of the Snake. And don't forget to click on the menu link - to learn more about astrology! You can also take a peek at her natal chart while you're there...

In her spare time ~ What spare time? ~ Doreen also enjoys entertaining, interior decorating, gourmet cooking, photo restoration, web design, "Singing the Blues", Ufology and playing with her kitties... the more the merrier!

Doreen Molloy resides in Hudson County, New Jersey. Her "favorite playmates" are four feline angels with fur who basically run the house (somebody has to do it!). For a little fun, you can click here for some "Cat Trivia"... as well as a quick introduction to the kitties at the Molloy home.

You can contact Doreen via email at: