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Doreen Molloy has been a professional vocalist for many years... and along with her husband, [vocalist] Dan Molloy, they developed the band, "Strange Brew" in 1995. Together, they performed in, fronted and co-produced The Strange Brew Rock & Roll Review [1995 through 2000] with much success in the NY/NJ metro area.

The Molloy's also had a 24 track private recording studio and could web cast LIVE over the internet. They've been known to occasionally host a Saturday Night BLUES JAM at their home studio over the years, aptly dubbed Dan's "HOUSE of BLUES".

They featured the finest local artists, including the "house band", which included some original Strange Brew band members... as well as many other fine musicians and recording artists.

Check out My Dear Sweet Mother on FaceBook... You'll find some of the original Strange Brew musicians in that band!

Meanwhile, check out the photos below from 'former performing days'...

And the old web site is still up with photos and articles so stop by and 'reminisce a bit'. Those were the days!



Doreen performing with Strange Brew, Circa 1997

Doreen plays drums!
(Not really... It was just a slow night!)


And a few years later...


Doreen and Dan are out jammin' with friends...

Dan plays drums, too!