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Why are some psychic mediums booked up so far in advance?

Mediums do other things in addition to private readings and that will oftentimes dictate how soon a medium can schedule you. Some mediums are frequently on the road traveling; some of them are on television or are hosting radio shows, while others are teaching, writing – or have other jobs or businesses.  So availability and waiting time depends on the psychic medium’s schedule... And when he or she is only able to schedule private readings once or twice a month, the wait can become very long.

Kindly Note:

Waiting time
is exactly the same
whether your reading
is in person or
on the phone!


              I do some of the above mentioned things as well...           

But I schedule readings five days a week
and can usually schedule most clients within 4 to 6 weeks
- sometimes sooner - for a weekday session.!

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EMAIL RESPONSE TIME: Due to a high volume of requests, once I receive your appointment request form, I will contact you to within within 3 to 4 weeks to get you scheduled. Kindly Note: Waiting time for an appointment is exactly the same whether your reading is in person - or on the phone.

PHONE RESPONSE: If you would like to schedule an appointment, kindly fill out the web form or send me an email. I don't schedule appointments by phone.

GENERAL QUESTIONS: For general questions, specific requests or special sessions kindly send me an email at:

WAITING TIME: Waiting time for a weekday appointment is currently at 4 to 6 weeks; allow longer for a Saturday. Call volumes can change however, so waiting time can vary.

Although I make every effort to process your request for an appointment as quickly as possible, please understand that openings are not usually available on the same day (or even the same week) that you make your request; I can however, place you on a waiting list in the event that there is a cancellation.

Rescheduling Appointments:

It's very important that I have a contact phone number on file for you. Keeping your appointment ‘on schedule' is very important to me... However on occasion, I do run into last minute scheduling conflicts due to changes in travel plans, media events, emergencies, etc. This can happen even after your appointment has been confirmed. Should this occur, I will contact you by email to reschedule - and every effort will be made to reschedule your session with as little [additional] waiting time as possible. Thank you for understanding!

And if you need to reschedule your appointment, please email me prior to your appointment date... and I will do my very best to accommodate your request.

During the winter months, inclement weather may interfere with your ability to travel here. If that should happen, you may either switch to a phone session – or request to be rescheduled.

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An Important Reminder:

The fee for your consultation is based on
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and for the time that I spend with you,
not for the content of your consultation.

Any advice, conversation or information that you receive
is strictly open to your own personal interpretation.


Meanwhile, I look forward to speaking with you!



In some states of the United States, I am required by law to post the following:

Doreen Molloy is a licensed Grief Recovery Method Specialist, by the Grief Recovery Institute of California... and has been tested and lab certified by the University of Arizona [Tucson] and The Windbridge Institute as a research medium. Some of the information contained in this web site is designed to provide you with entertainment and metaphysical insight into several areas of parapsychology. All types of consultations offered are available to adults 18 years old or older; exceptions can be made for parents and/or guardians that request a consultation for someone under the age of 18 providing they give written permission for a private consultation.

Consultations are designed to provide you with various types of insight, ideas and/or suggestions that you may find useful when making personal decisions or when moving forward. Any insight provided that relates to grief or loss, is based on The Grief Recovery Method®, a re-education program that enables one to participate in their own healing process. However no guarantees can be made with regard to the speed or depth of ones healing and recovery from grief, since each individual is different.  All and any insight shared during a consultation is intended to help you make the best possible choices for yourself so that you may live your best life and achieve wellbeing in body/mind/spirit. Any information provided by Doreen Molloy is not intended to replace any type of psychological advice, therapy, counseling, diagnosis, treatment or cure for anything that you may be seeking a remedy for. Nor are consultations designed to replace medical, legal or any other professional services or advice.

Many areas of the psychic and spiritual realms are still experimental, so nothing can be guaranteed. Clients are provided with insight only and are always encouraged to make their own choices when it comes to personal life matters; refunds are not issued if there is a difference of opinion. All consultations and services provided by Doreen Molloy are billed at the rates listed and are non-refundable. The fee for your consultation is based on the type and length of session that you request and for the amount of time spent with you, not for the insight provided and/or any general discussion during your consultation.

If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment after it has already been confirmed, 24 hours notice [by email or phone] prior to your scheduled appointment is required; new selections can then be offered to you if you’d like to reschedule.

Any advice, conversation or information that you receive from Doreen Molloy [or from this web site] is strictly open to your own personal interpretation, which some may disagree with. Therefore, Doreen Molloy shall not be held liable for any assessments or decisions made by those who seek out her services.

By scheduling a session with Doreen Molloy, you are agreeing that you fully understand the above statement.

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