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January 2010 Hubble Image -- Asteroid Collision?  Or something else?


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Q} So how would NASA hide important things from the public?

A} Easy. Deny that they exist, then hide them in plain sight.

Why I created this page...

The statements that I made on the 2012 page about NASA are pretty strong statements... So I felt that it was important to create a separate page where I could present some of the evidence that led me to the conclusion that they are NOT being straight with us. Without evidence, it would simply be 'my own opinion'. However much of the info I've discovered is complicated and encompasses many different areas that would fall under NASA's domain. And there's quite a bit of information, hence the need for an entire page. To that end, keep in mind that the info below is but a fraction of what exists.

My reasoning for doing this is that before you can form an intelligent opinion about anything, it's important to gather as much evidence as possible from whatever information is available. So at the end of the day, you alone must decide what is questionable or believable.


I've been a researcher for many years... on many different topics, most of which are controversial. But I don't mind controversy; it's interesting, it stirs the pot... and new information almost always comes to light as a result. To that end, there are many links on this page for you to review.

Some of my research has included several space-related topics... due to an intense personal interest that has grown over the years. I've even collected a few interesting photos of my own along the way - and have posted them on my own UFO photo page. More importantly, most people have no idea about what some astronauts have reported seeing and what they have actually encountered - both on the Moon and in space.

And clearly, NASA has done some amazing work in research and in the exploration of space, most importantly within our own solar system. But a great deal of that information has been kept under wraps for decades. I began to see that anything NASA was involved in was riddled with holes and disinformation - which of course, made me look even closer. And the more I looked, the more I found.

~~ PART ONE ~~

Lot's of Lies  -:-  Lots of Links

Part 1 of 3

So the fact that NASA lies is common knowledge...

You must remember that NASA is simply one of many different arms of the government. And the government lies about absolutely EVERYTHING. To a high degree, the media has also been controlled by the government; they have been (specifically on this subject) ever since the 1940's. Media blackouts are the norm when it comes to 'certain sensitive topics'. Yet every once in a while, a little controversial blurb gets out on the news... and then predictably, you don't hear another peep about it.  And I actually had an interesting conversation about that a while back...

On a more personal note... in 2005, I was on vacation in beautiful Sedona, Arizona. I struck up a conversation with a salesman and after chatting a bit, I mentioned that I was a psychic - and I handed him my business card. He looked at it... and then slowly looked up at me and quietly asked, "Do you know anything about UFO's by any chance?" I told him that I actually knew quite a bit, and then I asked him 'Why?'  

And that was when he shared this story with me...

He said there is a ball park in town, a small stadium where the kids play baseball. One Saturday afternoon, he was there with his two boys and the place was packed; two little league teams were playing that day... and about 300 people were in attendance.

During the middle of the game - as he was walking back to his seat from the concession stand, a hush had come over the entire stadium - as everyone there was looking up at a huge disc hovering directly overhead. He said it just sat there hovering - motionless and without sound... and then it suddenly accellerated straight up - and was gone in a split second. I asked him if it was in the newspaper the following day... But he said 'No' - and the fact that it wasn't really troubled him. He said that NOTHING about this event was published in any of the local newspapers - even though everyone in the town of Sedona was talking about this incident for a month straight. And for those of you who may not know, Sedona, AZ is considered a 'hot spot' - because people see UFO activity there all the time. 

But apparently, nothing ever makes it into the newspaper...

The point is that propaganda isn't something that only happens in other countries... It happens every single day, including right here in the United States. After the Roswell incident in 1947, a dissemination program was quickly put in place to ridicule and discredit anyone who claimed to have had a sighting or any other kind of experience with a UFO. And if ridicule didn't work, the witnesses and their families would be threatened.

And the truth is, that we haven't had a 'free press' in about 70 years...

Instead of actual news, we have been fed 'a narrative' over many decades, which continues to this day. And if you think that's bullshit, then you need to look up Operation Mockingbird which has morphed over the decades into other nefarious mind-controlling programs. These programs were designed to seed the public's mind with obscene amounts of propaganda... and only recently, people are finally beginning to realize that 98% of reported news is indeed 'fake news'.

Welcome to the Deep State, folks... Meanwhile if you've come this far, then you're probably open minded enough and brave enough to think outside the box. So read though the information below...

And when you're done, don't be surprised if you don't have a slightly different opinion about this scientific government organization that you thought was all about 'seeking the truth' and sharing it with humanity. It helps to hava a sense of humor, when it comes to 'NASA's official answer or position' on the subject at hand... followed by a series of links that show solid evidence to the contrary.






Millions of intelligent people world-wide have seen UFO's. And although we may not be able to identify exactly what they are, most people are quite certain about what they aren't. We know that they are NOT recognizable as any type of known aircraft. They don't look, sound or behave like known aircraft. I'm fairly certain however, that these 'unidentified flying objects' fall into two catagories: 1) they are highly advanced terrestrial aircraft developed under the auspices of government 'black projects' and are therefore 'top secret'... and 2) they are intelligently controlled craft not of terrestrial origin.

When we look up into the sky (or capture these images through digital photography), we are most likely seeing both types. Some people think that the craft developed by the US government are ARV'S [Alien Reproduction Vehicles]... meaning that they were back-engineered from either crashed or captured discs. Several books written by high level people have even claimed to have worked on these projects - which were assigned through the United States Army's 'Research and Develpment' program [commonly referred to as 'R&D'].

It sort of makes you wonder if that might be one explanation for why there is over 9 trillion dollars missing from the Federal Reserves. Yeah... NINE TRILLION... of our tax dollars - and that number continues to grow; some sources think that number is actually closer to 21 TRILLION. And by the way... I don't think it includes the 6.5 TRILLION missing from the Defense Department. If you'd like more detailed info about that from the research I've done, you may want to check out some of the lectures I do.  


I hate the question:
Do you believe in UFO's?

Because it doesn't matter whether you answer 'yes or no'; the question itself is condescending and implies an airy-fairy thought process. By posing the question in this manner, you are being asked if you have some sort of 'faith' in a phenomenon that you may or may not have seen with your own eyes... For that matter, you may not have had any personal experience in this area at all (hense the need for 'belief'). It also diminishes the topic to one of personal opinion and/or personal philosophy.

A more useful question would be:
Is there any evidence to support the fact that UFO's actually exist?

And the answer to that is 'yes' - there is actually quite a bit of evidence... IF you know where to look for it.

But first and foremost, please understand that internet sites are loaded with all sorts of ungrounded opinions... and about 95% of what you see on YouTube is crap. The other five percent can be highly significant, but the task is weeding through all the crap so that you're able to discern the difference. Fortunately, I've been 'weeding' for quite awhile now... so whatever videos you see on this page, fall into that five percent catagory and feature tangable information and/or interviews with very credible people.

To that end, what could be more evidential than hearing and seeing what astronauts have encountered during the Apollo missions and the Shuttle missions. Not all of them have been willing to break the 'code of silence', but several of them have - and this has now become public information. By the same token, there has also been significant testimony from pilots, police officers and military officers who all clearly know the difference between a bird, a plane, Clark Kent... and a UFO.




First, let's look at NASA's Position.

Note: They used to list separate links to the DEBUNKING statements you see below, but they've since been taken down. However, I'm including their comments anyway.

1) NASA'S POSITION ON UFO'S - NASA's Senior Scientist, David Morrison unequivically states that 'UFO's do not exist and that there is no evidence for life outside of Earth' - even though tens of millions of people have seen them with their own eyes (myself included).

2) NASA'S STATEMENT ABOUT ASTRONAUTS - Another question asked is: Have any astronauts ever seen a UFO? Again, NASA Senior Scientist, David Morrison answers: 'No astronauts have seen UFO's'... (So he's stating that the the testimony of astronauts, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Buzz Aldrin and Gordon Cooper featured below is not true; it's either that, or they must be crazy, dilusional or just plain lying.)

3) NASA'S REPLY ABOUT ASTRONOMERS - When asked if astronomers see UFO's, NASA states that 'UFO photos are mostly hoaxes... and astonomers do not report seeing UFO's'. Well, that's a pretty broad statement, not to mention that there are millions of photographs of UFO's. There is also an astronomer who doesn't agree - and as you will see below, he released a video to prove it.

Now, NASA only has one page with a general FAQ. But it's still worth checking out...




VIDEO [5:47]
- In this clip from a documentary, Apollo astronaut, Dr. Edgar Mitchell speaks candidly about the existance of UFO's as well as the extensive cover-up about the subject since the late 1940's. He's an eloquent speaker and does not mince words.

VIDEO [1:43]
In this news interview, Apollo 11 astronaut, Buzz Aldrin is explaining about the large UFO that followed them while they were enroute to the Moon:

VIDEO [5:11]
- In this video, Mercury astronaut, Gordon Cooper talks about his encounter with a fleet of UFO's as well as a close encounter which had been filmed and later submitted to the US government (but the film was never to be seen again):

VIDEO [3:37]
- In this FOX News story, they cover the recent declassified release [with video footage] of tracking a very large and very fast UFO from the USS Nimitz in 2004.

VIDEO [1:01]
- In a clip from CSPAN Washington, astronaut Buzz Aldrin mentions the 'monolith' on the small moon, Phobos which orbits the planet Mars:

VIDEO [5:25]
- On BBC News, the former Minister of Defense for the UK, Nick Pope is talking about his research into the tens of thousands of sightings in the UK, especially the UFO landing at the US military base at Rendlesham Forest, UK.

VIDEO [9:59]
- This video was taken from Space Shuttle Columbia STS-75; it shows a mishap with a very large tether arm they were experimenting with. As the tether breaks away and moves into the distance, it is swarmed by UFO's. Nasa claims these 'particles' are nothing more than ice crystals that form from the exhaust of the shuttle... but I've never seen ice crystals 'pulse'; have you? Pay special attention toward the end of this video - when discs are moving behind the 12 mile long tether. [Note: This particular version of the video was stabalized, making it the most clear one.]:

VIDEO [2:00]
- Italian astronomer, Alberto Mayer takes photos of the Moon using a special astronomy camera; the images are quite stunning. You can look at some of his work here. But one day while he was taking a video of the Moon, he saw this large disc move across the face of the Moon from west to east - and then suddenly stop and sharply change to a northwest direction.

VIDEO [7:34] - In this CNN News clip from 2007, they reported on a UFO conference in Washington DC with some high level speakers who have had encounters themselves. They want the governments of the world to 'stop playing games' and release the information they've been hiding for decades.

- In this interview, astronaut, Gordon Cooper is talking about his own UFO sightings as well as what he's heard (through colleagues) about Roswell and Area 51:

This article reflects some of the same info in the video above about the Apollo 11 flight (with astronaut, Buzz Aldrin)...

On this site, you will find one of the largest collections of UFO photographs. It's a comprehensive user-friendly site which offers you many different ways to search.



I hope you found the links on this page interesting. But there is much more...

There are two more sections... where you'll see some stunning images

about some VERY interesting UFO's and NASA related topics.

So buckle your seatbelt... Here we go.





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