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Hidden Agenda



Part 2 of 3


Part Two deals with the presence of
SEVERAL very strange UFO's.

The first section shows UFO's that appear to be
in stationary orbits around the Earth.
(The last section is just plain 'weird'.)

Some of these massive orbiting objects have
also been there for a very long time...
And all world governments are very well aware
of their presence, yet they remain



Unfortunately, a lot of information has been
hidden from us... over many, many decades.
But if you know where to look...
you can discover quite a bit.

Frankly, the images you will see on this page
should knock your socks off.


First, I'll show you some of the largest
UFO's... and they are massive.





So I hope you're sitting down...



There is one caveat, however...
And I think that I should mention this
before you see the images below.

I do NOT think that extraterrestials
mean us any harm.

If they were dangerous to us
[or to our survival]
we would've known that long ago.

I am however, VERY CONCERNED
about 'False Flag Events'.

This is when the government wants
you to THINK that they are dangerous,
so that they can 'step in' and
basically control the public.

And THAT is a very real possibility.








In addition to the thousands of
UFO's / USO's that have been
seen and photographed...

Did you know that there are UFO's the size of a
in stationary orbit around the Earth?

Regarding the first one...
images of this have been captured
by two different weather satellites.



GEOS-8: the United States Weather Satellite

The GEOS-8 - which stands for Geostationary Orbital Environmental Satellite 8 - is a weather satellite that was originally launched in April 1994. It was designed to take infrared photos from 21,600 miles above the Earth.

On January 26, 1999, it captured an image showing a massive disc that is 240 miles in diameter (this object is also in orbit around the Earth). The disc matched the satellite's orbital speed, at 6,696 miles per hour. It has also been seen in other GEOS-8 images on other dates as well... so this wasn't a 'one time thing' - or some sort of technical anomaly.

To put the size of this object in perspective, if that ship landed on the ground, it would cover the ENTIRE state of Ohio. Let that sink in for a hot minute...

The lines seen in the image below seems to be some sort of electromagnetic energy field eminating from this UFO. Click on the photo below to go to the web site for more info.




And here it is again -
seen from a different vantage point:

These photos were also taken by GEOS - this time on November 21, 1999, nine months after the first image was captured.




But in 2004, the above image was 'debunked'
- claiming that what we were actually seeing here
(in the upper left hand corner)
was nothing more than 'the Moon'.



Yes... Of course that oval disc
hovering over the Earth is the Moon.

And I'm Santa Claus.
And you're the Easter Bunny.




METEOSAT: the European Weather Satellite

In the next image, you can see [what looks like] the same exact massive disc, only this image was taken six years earlier.

The image below is from the METEOSAT Weather Satellite, launched by the European Space Agency. The first meteorological METEOSAT became operable in 1986.

This weather satellite is in a geostationary orbit at 22,370 miles above the Earth. And as you can see, this image was taken on September 3, 1993. Click on the image below for the web site where it's displayed.

Click HERE for information about the different generations of METEOSAT Satellites.





So how come no one
seems to know much about this?


You would think that this 'discovery'
would have at least been


But instead, the deep state
[black projects / SAP's]
always call the shots,
and the CIA-controlled media
does what they're told.

Hence, there was a full media blackout.


-- Nope. Nothing to see here folks --



Meanwhile, the only good news (if you could call it that)... is the fact that these images were taken nearly three decades ago - and we have not been 'invaded or attacked' during that time period. That's not to say that it  couldn't happen... only that it  hasn't happened  thus far.

However in my humble opinion, this still poses a fairly ominous threat to our planet. Whoever built this massive structure has a level of technology that is so highly advanced, it's beyond anything that we could even imagine, let alone interact with. And I shudder to think of the advanced 'consciousness' of those who operate it.

The point is that they've been here for a quite some time, although we don't really know for exactly how long. If it wasn't for launching 'weather satellites', we might've never known of its presence above our planet. But I'd bet my bottom dollar that NASA has known about this for a long time, certainly for a much longer time period than we have known.

Nonetheless, I think it's safe to assume that the occupants have... 'an agenda'. I often wonder if we (humanity) are nothing more than some 'science experiment'... and we're all being observed, like lab rats.

Unless of course, you think this ship just 'flew off... and went home'. Um, yeah... that's about as likely as Earthlings achieving world peace.


But there's more...


And this next story gives the word 'MOTHERSHIP' a whole new meaning... In fact, it makes the discoveries above sound miniscule by comparison.

A new image has surfaced...
of a more recent photo taken by the ISS [International Space Station] according to NASA. There is not a lot of information about this (so the jury is still out on this one)... but if this thing is real, we're all gonna need new underware.

NASA officially came up with its discovery at the Brasilia Planetarium Presentation all the way back in 2013.

The pictures that they came out with were all taken by the International Space Station and according to them, these pictures are 100% legit, with no edits having been done before that moment.


And this thing is massive...
estimated to be at least 3,000 miles wide.




That would cover the entire
United States if it landed.



But I suspect that this ship is interdimensional...

That means that it can phase in and out of our space/time continuum. If that wasn't the case, we would be able to look up and easily see it in the sky because of it's massive size. But digital photography has a way of capturing images of things that we normally can't see with the naked eye.

And we do know that there are other 'realities' that coexist separately, along side of our own, even if we don't understand those realities very well. And that is NOT speculation; it's far more than a metaphysical theory - and our own government has been quietly studying this for a very long time.

Take a look for yourself...


Click Here
for the CIA's declassified report on the investigation of UFO's.

Click Here
to see some records about UFO's from the FBI Vault.

Click Here to see thousands of pages of FBI records obtained by The Black Vault through FOIA requests. These records are listed by researcher name (or research institute name). They deal with all areas of the paranormal, including UFO's.

So regarding the massive ship in the above image... I can't help but wonder if it's always there - phasing in and out of our third dimension... or if it's just an occasional visitor to our planet.

Are we in communication with it?
How long has it been here?
Do we know where it's from?
What do the ISS astronauts think about this?


Once again, it appears to have been 'discovered' about a decade ago... so it doesn't seem to be an immediate overt threat to us - but the sheer size of this ship is pretty intimidating.

And there are other 'strange things' in space - and this next one has been around for a long time, too...







Even though it's more like the
orbiting above the Earth.





SOMETHING else has been hovering above our planet 'monitoring us' for a very long time...

Yet NO ONE seems to have an answer about what this is, where it came from... or how long it's actually been there. NASA is silent on this subject, too... yet the photos speak for themselves. And they are not just 'any photos'; they are photos taken by astronauts.


First, a bit of background...

The space program basically got off the ground about 60 years ago, as we engaged in this great competition with the Russians. It was during the 1950's that both countries began developing sophisticated ground-based equipment and began launching rockets into space. In July 1950, the United States launched the first rocket from Cape Canaveral, Florida called the Bumper 2. Shown below, the Bumper 2 was an ambitious two-stage rocket program that topped a V-2 missile base with a WAC Corporal rocket.



The Bumper 2



Seven years later, the [former] Soviet Union launched Sputnik I and II, the Earth's first artificial satellites. [Or at least, we were told they were the first artificial satellites.]



Sputnik I                 Sputnik II



You will notice that most of these rockets from the 1950's are quite familiar to us in size and shape. The only reason I mention this is because what you are about to see is nothing like this at all. There is another 'satellite' which appears to be in a polar orbit above the Earth.

However, it was in this orbit BEFORE our space program even began.

At first, two huge satellites were detected - but only for a short time... and then it was just one; this caused several world governments to panic. Not only that, but it appears to have some type of intelligence. Once we were able to finally get into space and take a closer look, it disengaged from it's orbit to investigate us! It has the ability to move and change shape (which you will see a little further below)... and it's very, very strange looking.

It's huge - and has been dubbed
The Black Knight... and this is one of the clearest photos of it.





As you can see, it looks nothing like anything we could've built in the USA or the [former] USSR... (past or present). You can read some of the background regarding this strange craft at several sites: There is a story on Hub Pages... and another at this Wordpress web site.

There is also a rather strange story about this at the
What does it Mean web site... but what is of great interest to me are the newpaper clippings seen on this page dated from May, 1954.

You'll also find some info about this on an 85 page document called
Disneyland of the Gods, by John A. Keel (you'll need to scroll to page 18).

Here is a bit of info compiled from some of the above links...


In February 1960, the US detected an unknown object in polar orbit, a feat that neither they nor the USSR had been able to accomplish. As if that wasn't enough, it apparently was several sizes larger than anything either country would have been able to get off the ground. [It was approximately 15 TONS - and the largest US Satellite at that time weighed about 450 pounds - and the largest Russian satellite was 2,925 pounds.]

And then, the oddness began... HAM operators began to receive strange coded messages. One person in particular said he managed to decode one of the transmissions, and it corresponded to a star chart... Except that this was a star chart which would have been plotted from earth 13,000 years ago, and it focused on the Epsilon Bootes star system.




HAM operators used short wave radios
like this one from the 1950's
to access voice transmissions,
radio broadcasts and to decode signals.


On September 3, 1960, seven months after this strange satellite was first detected by radar, a tracking camera at Grumman Aircraft Corporation's Long Island factory took a photograph of it...

Three years later, astronaut Gordon Cooper was launched into space on his 22 orbit mission in the Faith 7 space capsule. There have been many rumors that during his final orbit, he reported seeing a glowing green shape ahead of his capsule, and that it was heading in his direction... but according to Cooper, this never actually happened during that flight.

In his book,
Leap of Faith, he writes extensively about the UFO's which he HAS seen - as well as his inside knowledge regarding the US government's cover-up of the existence of UFO's. He openly confirms that Project Blue Book was nothing more than a cover story... that what was reported to have happened at Roswell did in fact happen - including the recovery of humanoid bodies... and that he personally had multiple close encounters while in the Air Force [which also included viewing photos as well as motion picture film of UFO's - before he was instructed to send them to Washington DC]. According to Cooper, all of the above has remained hidden from the public 'ever since day one'.

And this is the way it's been for over 60 years...


* * *


NOTE: No one is exactly sure why they chose to call the strange object The Black Knight... but in 1955, there was a rocket in development in the UK called the Black Knight rocket - and perhaps NASA mistakenly thought that's what this was at first... However pictured below, you can see that the predictable looking British rocket is nothing at all like the alien looking satellite.


The British design of the 'Black Knight' Rocket



The angle of the above photo is a little bit misleading with regard to the shape of this... But you'll find more information about this at Wikipedia - where you can see another photo of this British rocket [in the upright position] showing how tall and thin it actually was.


* * *


More recently however, our astronauts have taken some amazing photos of this strange object hovering above us. Here's a look at some of the 'different shapes' which this thing can apparently morph itself into:




-- The Black Knight --



It is clearly quite sophisticated with moving parts, lights and some sort of intelligence; but is it artificial intelligence (thinking on its own) - or is it under the control of 'something or someone'?  To be honest, neither scenario is exactly comforting...

The bottom line is that we have NO IDEA how long this object has been in Earth's orbit... It could've been monitoring us for the last hundred years... or the past 20,000 years. There is simply no way to know UNLESS we can determine who built it and how it got here. (Apparently, we were picking up signals from this during the 1920's and 1930's - but hadn't yet realized that there was a connection to this ancient satellite.)

So NASA knows all about this;
their own astronauts took the photos! Predictably, there is NO information available about this on any of the NASA web site FAQ's... However, you will find all the above [close-up / cropped] images on the NASA link below where the shuttle astronauts [from mission STS-088] have posted their photos:


You'll notice that the above web address ends with - frame=65 - but if you backspace the final numbers at that address - and fill in the subsequent ones, you will see the six images above of the Black Knight on frames 65 through 70. (I have actually seen this strange craft on other photos as well.) So we know this sophisticated craft is very real. You'll find some info on the video below.




And the image below was taken by a drone released from one of the space shuttles. It was originally a video... however, YouTube has since removed it. (Fortunately, I took this still shot from the video - before it was taken down from the web.)


Space Shuttle & The Black Knight



Yeah... NASA knows exactly where it is;
they've been monitoring it for at least 60 years.


So why haven't most of us ever heard about it?





And finally...









No one really knows
what the hell to make of the next images,
but here they are.

Both of the following incidents included
video footage taken from planes.

I've included them here
because of the 'size component'.





Japan / August 27, 2018
A passenger on a plane took a video of this strange looking UFO using a smartphone; it was posted to YouTube on August 27, 2018. There has been some speculation as to whether or not it was 'real'... questioning that the video might have been created using CGI (computer generated imagery). However, a few things stand out that suggests otherwise.

When you watch the video, the realistic movement and/or shakiness reflects the movement of the plane (or the person holding the camera)... and although that is not always the case with videos taken from aircraft, it sometimes is.

You'll also notice as the aircraft travels [toward the left], that you can see the slow movement over the cloud tops - just like you would if you were watching passing clouds from a plane window.

The object also appears to have some sort of textured surface - and appears to be somewhat 'structural', which is a little bit easier to see once the camera zooms in.

By the time you are zoomed in - and at around the 2:00 minute mark, you'll also notice several 'small objects' flying away from [the bottom of] this very tall UFO... It's unsure whether they were there from the beginning - and just couldn't be seen until the camera zoomed in... Or they may have been inside of this object - and exited from it.


Here's what it looks like somewhat zoomed in,
with other objects around it.
You can see it even closer on the actual video.



In the above still shot, you can see the small objects flying along with this UFO. In the video, they are moving away from it... whereas the large UFO appears to look stationary.



New Zealand / September 1, 2018
The first thing that I noticed is that these two incidents occured only five days apart. And I'm one of those people that doesn't believe in coincidences... However, this one may very well be CGI.

This next video was taken from a plane flying over New Zealand; it was posted to YouTube on September 1, 2018. It is similar to the first one, in that the UFO is 'tall-ish' or elongated, although this one is in the shape of a diamond that seems to rotate. [Diamond shaped UFO's have been described in other sightings over the years.]

Click on the images below to go to the video. Here are some still shots:





And here is a close up
(of the one right above)
with added contrast:




They are very strange indeed.

And these may very well be holograms, but the jury is still out on this. I can't totally discount the hologram theory however, because I am aware that programs like this have been in development for some time now - for the purpose of creating
'false flag events'... best explained by Dr. Steven Greer.

Here's a sample of a hologram that looks like
a planet is rotating in the sky above us. And in this sample, you can see just how far the technology has come - and how realistic these holograms can look.

But I'll be honest... If I was on a plane - and I saw one of these enormous things outside of my window, I'd freak out. And here's something else to think about....

If these ARE holograms, shouldn't you have heard about THAT on the news, too?



Now, let me show you the
so-called masters at 'image tampering'
continued on the next page!