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In today's world, it's sometimes difficult to find highly skilled metaphysical practitioners; the sheer number of people who advertise their services is mind-boggling... And with the advent of the Internet, more is not necessarily better; type the words 'psychic medium' into Google, and you'll find there are over 845,000 listings!

Meanwhile, each of the following professionals come highly recommended... Don't hesitate to contact them. They are among the best in their respective fields... and they are also my friends and colleagues, so I endorse every one of them.

Check them out on the web ~ and have some fun!


  Maria DeSimone ~
 Counseling Astrologer

Maria states, "Through interpreting the unique blueprint of one’s soul, I hope to assist others towards manifesting their greatest positive qualities & potential, while also addressing some of the deeper psychological obstacles that might currently prevent soul growth." Her new book, Grow Into Your Soul, An Astrological Guide will be available in late 2009. Meanwhile, I can personally vouch for Maria's high level of accuracy. You can also view a sample of her ability, featured right here at my web site: >>

     Alison Baughman ~  Numerologist

According to Alison, "Numerology not only identifies your abilities and talents but also the lessons and challenges your soul sought to experience during this journey we call life. Understanding your Numerology, simply put, validates your life experiences." Alison read for me... and I found the information highly accurate and insightful!

    Jackie Haverty ~  
Guided Meditations

Jackie's guided meditation CD's focus on 'Inner Dimensional Healing'; they are of the finest quality, featuring Jackie's soothing voice set to the inspirational music of Paul Armitage. She also offers custom made meditation CD's!  Be sure to listen to some of the mp3 samples at her web site... If you have trouble meditating, this is a wonderful source of help...

  Janet Mayer ~  Medium / Spiritual Channel

Not only is Janet a highly skilled medium (certified by the University of Arizona), but she also channels the spirits of Shamans from indiginous tribes in the rain forests of South America - and fluently speaks their ancient languages! Visit her web site to read about this amazing story... I've noticed that as Janet speaks these ancient shamanic languages, we are intuitively reminded of our connection to Mother Earth in the most powerful way!

Irene Weinberg ~  Spiritual Author

Irene's compelling story is inspirational and heart warming... and the love she shares with her soulmate, Saul truly does bridge Heaven and Earth. When you read her book, 'Love's Eternal Marriage', not only will it touch your heart, but you'll feel much lighter about your own losses!


    Good Grief  ~  Healing Our Children

Good Grief is a resource for grieving children and their families. Through their support center and workshops they help children during the difficult times of their lives and offer support and guidance to the adults in their lives.

       Forever Family Foundation  ~

          Healing Grief Through Mediumship

Founders, Bob and Phran Ginsberg believe in the existence of the continuity of the family, even after a member has left the physical world. The mission of the Forever Family Foundation is to further the understanding of Afterlife Science through research and education while providing support and healing for people in grief...

       Joanne Gerber ~  Spiritual Medium

Joanne is an internationally known psychic medium who was also lab certified through the University of Arizona as well as the Windbridge Institute. When you vist Joanne's web site, you'll see how highly gifted she is in so many areas...

      Marguerite Manning ~  
      Author, Stargazer and Karmic Counselor

Marguerite is the founder of Cosmic Connections, a personal enlightenment and astrological counseling service. I also loved her book, Cosmic Karma - it's an easy read and incredibly accurate, not to mention entertaining! Marguerite also specializes in karmic readings and can tell you all about your most recent past life. She did a past life reading for me and it 'blew me away'!

      John Edward ~  International Medium

John certainly doesn't need an intro from me... He's the best of the best! But he does have a few new things in the works... Meanwhile, you can still get tickets to see him at a gallery event in many major cities, so if you can go, you'll definitely love the show! And you can check out my work with John right here at my web site; just click on the arrows: >>

American Association
Electronic Voice Phenomena

Tom and Lisa Butler are the directors of the AA-EVP... as well as the authors of There Is No Death. The study of EVP concerns unexpected voices found in recording media or heard as an output of devices capable of processing voice, and is studied as a form of after death communication.

Renata Santorelli ~  
Motivational Speaker and Spirit Messenger

Renata is a gifted motivational speaker and spirit messenger. Since 1997, she has provided hope and healing to many people through her group workshops and private counseling sessions. You can also listen to Renata on her own weekly radio shown called The Gathering Space - on Blogtalk Radio. Check out Renata's self-empowerment and realization program, Straight to the Core: Reconnecting the Heart.

 More people in the metaphysical community are being added...
so check back for updates!

Psychics, Mediums and Astrologers... Friends out to dinner and having some fun!

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