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Please feel free to contact me at any time with your comments or questions regarding workshops, webinars, my book, advertising, submissions, reading requests or site content.

The easiest way for me to respond to you is via email.
To schedule an appointment, kindly use the web tools
for a prompt response:


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My New Jersey office number is:

Contacting Me...

The easiest and quickest way
for me to respond to you is via Email,
so it's usually best to use the
web tools above for a prompt response.

Once I receive your email request, I can usually get back to you within a week to ten days. Kindly Note: Waiting time for an appointment is exactly the same whether your reading is in person - or on the phone.

PHONE RESPONSE: If you would like to schedule an appointment, kindly fill out the web form or send me an email. [This will result in a faster response.] If you leave a message on my voice mail, please allow up to one month for a response since I am not always in the office and do not usually have access to voice mail when I'm traveling.

GENERAL QUESTIONS: For general questions, specific requests or special sessions kindly send me an email at:

WAITING TIME: for a weekday appointment is currently at 4 to 6 weeks; allow longer for a Saturday.

Although I make every effort to process your request for an appointment as quickly as possible, please understand that openings are not available on the same day (or even the same week) that you call; I can however, place you on a waiting list in the event that there is a cancellation.

For the different types of readings available and fees


Why are some psychic mediums booked up so far in advance?

Mediums do other things in addition to private readings – and that will oftentimes dictate how soon a medium can schedule you. Some mediums are frequently on the road traveling; some of them are on television or are hosting radio shows, while others are teaching, writing – or have other jobs or businesses.  So availability and waiting time depends on the psychic medium’s schedule... And when he or she is only able to schedule private readings once or twice a month, the wait can become very long.

Kindly Note:

Waiting time
is exactly the same
whether your reading
is in person or
on the phone!


I schedule readings five days a week
and can usually schedule most clients
within 4 to 6 weeks for a weekday session!

-- Please allow additional waiting time for a Saturday --