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Although there are many informative books and web sites available on Wicca, this site is not dedicated to Wicca or Wiccan studies. However, I wanted to include a brief introduction on the subject for those of you who have no knowledge of it. With some basic information, I will hopefully be able to dispel some of the negative connotations, especially those associated with the other "W" word.

Wicca is just one of many belief systems classified as Pagan; you can also check out the new page on Taoism - and watch for some others to be included here as well... as I continue to update this area.

What is Wicca?

Wicca is an ancient Pagan religion having origins in eastern Europe, which pre-dates Christianity. Within this religion, all Wiccan's practice the love and respect of all life and nature.

In prehistoric times, people respected the great forces of Nature and celebrated the cycles of the Sun, the Moon and of the Seasons. They felt that Divinity was in the Earth, Moon and Sun, as well as in all life. Wiccan beliefs evolved from the ancient culture of Druidism... whose origins were from an even earlier time, deep within the antiquity of the Egyptian civilization.

Wiccans celebrate eight Sabbats, which mark the seasons of the Earth. While Wiccan's believe in a Higher Power, they do not refer to Divine Spirit in "patriarchal" terms, as most other religions do. When Wiccans worship, they acknowledge Divine Spirit as God and Goddess since that belief system recognizes that BALANCE is necessary in all things. Some prefer to use the words Lord and Lady in their dedication. Most Wiccans are comfortable as solitary practitioners in their religious observances.

Wiccans wear a pentacle the same way that Christians wear a cross. A pentacle is a five-pointed star (pentagram) that points upward and is enclosed within a circle. [ This is different from the Jewish Star of David, which is a six-pointed star.] The points on the pentagram represent the elements of life: Earth, Air, Fire, Water… and the uppermost point represents Spirit. Enclosed within a circle, the pentagram is referred to as a pentacle, with the five elements representing the never-ending cycle of LIFE.

Wiccans conduct their lives by the following principal:

"For the good of all, and with harm to none".

It is a creed that they take very seriously. The laws of the universe have taught many of us that whatever we put out into the world comes back to us threefold. I'm sure you've heard the expression, "You reap what you sow"… It is based on that same principal. It is for this reason that Wiccans try to be careful to do the right thing for the highest good.

Wicca has nothing whatsoever to do with black magic or devil worship. Wiccans don't believe in a devil; the devil is a "Christian concept"... not a Pagan one. However, it's interesting to note that many other Christian concepts and practices - including holidays - seem to come from Pagan origins, although it isn't widely known to Christians (not to mention that the church wouldn't like that at all!).

But just to give you an example... The Winter Solstice is celebrated by Pagans as one of the eight Sabbats, called Yule; it is also the shortest day of the year. Traditionally, Yule falls on December 21st, however, due to the procession of the equinoxes [a 25,800 year cycle of the Earth's axis of rotation], that date has progressively moved backward by several days over the millenia; at one time, it fell on December 25th. In Christian tradition, December 25th is recognized as the birth of Jesus... but it is curious that the two celebrations seem to coincide. As Yule marks the end of a cycle of shorter days, Pagans celebrate the new season as "the birth of the Sun", meaning that the days will now grow longer. However, Christians mark the same time as "the birth of the Son". There are many other similarities like this throughout the calendar year indicating that almost all Christian observances and rituals have Pagan origins... so the more you look, the more you will find.       

What is the other ~ W ~ word? 

Religion is a very sensitive subject to most people. However, the brief summary that follows is taken from historical literature and surviving documents... and so it is not meant in a derogatory manner to the people of any particular faith who may read this. Rather, it is meant to provide you with a broader sense of "how beliefs were manipulated" in our early history. With that in mind… Wicca is also known by other names; it has been referred to as The Old Religion, Wicce and The Craft. Another word for Wicca is the other "W" word, and of course, I'm referring to witchcraft. Unfortunately, it's gotten a bad rap for a very long time... mostly due to political positioning during the first millenia. Although I am not a historian, I will share with you my very limited knowledge of how that happened. I will refer to B.C.E. as Before Current Era [replacing BC, Before Christ] and C.E. as Current Era ...

There was a political movement throughout Europe, during the [early] fourth century C.E., under [Roman Emperor] Constantine... This culminated in the formation of the early Catholic Church. [Side Note: Most people don't realize that Christianity was not even established until the fourth century* ~ nearly 300 years after the life of the historical Jesus...]

* For those of you who would like to read the surpressed history of what actually took place, I would direct you to the web site and books of Australian author, Tony Bushby. He has written five explosive books revealing to the world for the first time original new information about the emergence of the New Testament and its story of Jesus Christ. The first book "The Bible Fraud", provides historical evidence that not only shows that vital ancient manuscripts have been hidden from the public domain... but also that other sensitive and associated Biblical material has been purposely withheld or suppressed from the general populace for nearly 2000 years. His second book, "The Secret In The Bible" is equally amazing, providing the reader with detailed information on origins that lie deep within Egyptian antiquity. These books are extremely well researched... and provide the reader with many surprises. In the third book, "Crucifixion of Truth", you will find new evidence from church archives revealing Christianity's darkest secret... and the conclusion is staggering! The fourth book is called "The Twin Deception"; it provides further corroborating information that came to light after The Bible Fraud was published. And the fifth book is The Papal Billions, detailing centuries of wealth accumulation... while the Church committed 'crimes against humanity'. The Bushby books can be ordered from the suggested reading list [Knowledge is Power] on this web site via - or from the link below.

CLICK HERE to open "The Bible Fraud" web site.

[PERSONAL NOTE: I was absolutely ASTOUNDED to find out (through Bushby's tracing of geneology) exactly who Jesus, his parents and the other cast of (gospel) characters actually were - based on weaving together the surviving bits of information from very obscure documents! These books are a MUST READ for everyone, especially Pagans...

Be prepared to learn some "very revealing information"....

HINT:  There is some evidence to suggest that one of the Main characters in the New Testiment was actually a Druid King.   ^

Now back to my short narrative...

During the early first century C.E. [when Jesus was alive], the Druidic system of beliefs dominated among the people of the northern portion of Europe [what is now Great Britain, France, etc.]. Although all cultures have warriors, Druidism was [and is] a peaceful religious order that can be traced back to at least 2,000 years B.C.E...and by the first century, Druids were approximately 60,000 strong in Great Britain alone, as a cultured and educated people. Throughout the first three centuries C.E., the Romans waged various political battles with the Druids... even though most of the common people continued to live side by side in harmony. But the Roman Empire was determined to control the world and continued to conquer and dominate the people of other lands [including the Celtic and Gaelic regions].

By the time the fourth century rolled around, they finally succeeded... and anyone who openly claimed to be a Druid priest was charged with treason [against Rome] and put to death. This new plan under Constantine's rule [at the Council of Nicaea / circa 325 C.E.] also called for the good Christians of all communities to convert the people of any other beliefs and bring them into the fold... in fact, it became part of Roman law. Thus it was during this time period that Christianity was established and became "law". If the people wouldn't convert willingly, they were considered to be traitors. Those in charge would make life difficult for anyone within the community who did not accept the new creed; it became manditory that they turn to Christianity and support the church…($$$). Many people were bribed - and others were so browbeaten that many more succumbed out of fear... However anyone that would not give up his or her beliefs and switch to Christianity was condemned, arrested and some, brutally tortured or put to death.

And here's how the word "Pagan" originated: Those who refused to convert and made it out alive (or were bannished), fled to the remote rural regions of Pagi [the Celtic and Gaelic areas of Northern Europe] to avoid persecution. They became known as Pagans and the townships they established were called Pagus villages.

The persecution of Pagans was considered acceptable and went on through the centuries... It went on through the Crusades and the dark ages and propaganda continues on through the current day. As a result, Pagans, Druids and Wiccans alike continue to have negative connotations associated with them. As a species, we humans take a very long time to change our way of thinking...

_/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/ _/

To help you comprehend the main difference between a Pagan and a Wiccan, I offer you this analogy: "Catholics are Christian, but not all Christians are Catholic." In the same manner, Wiccans are Pagan, but not all Pagans are Wiccan. To take it a step further, Pagans and Wiccans share a similar "belief system", however, Wicca is considered a religion because it's followers also acknowledge and believe in a Divine Source. [Pagans may or may not, however they do believe in the connection between all living things and honor the cycles of the Earth.] There are many different Pagan Religions, such as ...Buddhism, Shintoism, Native American Religions, Hinduism, Taoism, Wicca, Druidism, Asatru, Shamanism, Neo-Paganism and Eclectic Paganism.



Wiccans / witches are traditionally known to divine the future through the use of the Tarot, Runes and other divinity tools... and to assist others by using their skills in natural remedies and healing practices. Witches / Wiccans "cast spells" for healing, for abundance, for guidance and for protection. Christians do the same thing... except they call it 'Prayer'. Spells and prayer utilize the same principle: it is simply a means of directing the energy of the universe in a positive manner where it's needed. Wiccans work and worship within a circle, just as Native American Indians do. This is because the circle defines "sacred space". Witchcraft is not evil; it is not harmful and most importantly, there is nothing negative associated with it. It's just another word for Wicca. It would probably be wise to remember that negative assessments can be applied to any people, of any faith... in every corner of the world. Keeping that in mind, it's no surprise that so many misguided souls continue to make it 'their life's mission' to corrupt the beliefs upheld by others. Watch the 6 o'clock News on any night of the week and you'll understand how true that statement is.

In closing...

This is a brief portrayal of a religion that is misunderstood [at the least] and feared [at the worst]. Neither view would be supported with a little bit of education on the subject. It is my greatest hope that the twenty first century brings with it the enlightenment that finally puts to rest the centuries of ignorance surrounding Wicca. It is a beautiful Earth religion that enriches the soul and offers healing and unconditional love to all those it touches.

If you would like more information about Wicca... or have comments or questions, please feel free to email me at: And watch for more pages to be added about pagan beliefs.

Meanwhile, I impart to each of you:
Health, Happiness, Love,

Brightest Blessings

May the Earth be a foundation for you...
May the
Air teach you of freedom...
May the
Fire drive your goals...
May the
Waters cleanse your heart...
And may the
Spirit of all those you love, always return the blessing.

So Mote It Be!